Harwood Engineering Company

Since 1947, Harwood Engineering Company has been engaged in the development and manufacture of pressure components and systems to contain, generate, pipe, valve, control and measure the flow and pressure at very high pressure levels in liquids and gases. In 1947 we offered commercial equipment for pressure up to 200,000 psi. In fact, we were the sole suppliers of equipment above 3 Kilobar (45,000 psi) in the United States. In the intervening years, Harwood has developed the "Controlled Clearance" principle upon which primary standards of pressure above the manometer level, to as high as 30 Kilobar, are used throughout the world. We are currently making primary force standards in a new apparatus using a variant of this same principle.

For over sixty years we have made equipment for producing pure isostatic pressures to 30 Kilobar (430,000 psi) at room and elevated temperatures. We also make presses up to 10,000 tons for quasi-hydrostatic pressure necessary in the manufacture of diamonds and fundamental studies in pure physics, geophysics, and geochemistry.

Our market is relatively small and does not justify an extensive "agency" type of marketing since the majority of our effort is manufacturing to customer specifications, requiring direct and personal contact with our clients. Any group seriously considering high pressure activity can find generous recognition of our efforts by authors in this field as well as many of our own published articles.

Our Customers